Have You Missed Your BDQ?

Hey there, dancers!

Long time no see, I know. Have you missed me? I hope so!

Thank you to those who emailed and contacted me on Facebook asking about the Bellydance Quickies and if I’m ok. You are all so sweet! Yes, I’m fine – great, in fact. My life has been packed with projects the past few months. That can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time, but don’t think for a minute that it’s a complaint! I am very grateful for all of it – even when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelm has been a frequent mode since September!

Tripod post

When I started the BDQ back in January of 2010 (yes, it’s been almost 8 years) my life was quite different. I taught 2 classes a week and gigged on weekends. Fast forward to 2018 and I run a full studio by myself, direct professional ensemble and student troupe, do solo gigs, produce shows and teach 8 classes a week plus private lessons, run online workshops and lectures and travel to teach when I can.

I love it. It’s exciting. I chose every one of these things. But I haven’t found a way to invent extra hours! (If you have. please share your secret!) In my quest to keep all balls in the air, I shorted myself on sleep, and workouts and taking the time to eat decent meals. I consider these my “tripod” that give me the energy for everything else. Mine was not holding me up so well. And I was getting frustrated with myself. It was time to make some changes.

For the past few months, I’ve taken a step back to evaluate the building blocks of my life and work in a holistic way – including projects like the BDQ that take a considerable amount of time and creative energy. I considered stopping publication – maybe it was time. But knew in my heart that the BDQ is my baby. I missed it – and some of you did too I was touched to hear. I love it and the connection it has made with all of you in the bellydance community.

So I’ve spent some time the in past few months taking an analytical approach to my work, my schedule – my life and considering how the projects I care most about, like the BDQ, can continue to be part of my work in a healthy and sustainable way. Tuning the gears of a busy life is always a work in progress, but I’m happy to report that much progress has been made!

I’m also happy to tell you that YES the BDQ will be back in early 2019 with the Wednesday Watcher, Friday Grab Bag and Sunday-in-the-Studio editions, plus some new features – so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I hope you all are enjoying a lovely holiday season! We’ll dance together again very soon 🙂


P.S. If you’re new here and want to get the Bellydance Quickies when they resume, you can get on the list here.

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