Fueling Up for Your Dance

Some days are just crazy. The universe sends you multiple gigs, and maybe you have to do them after you've spent hours at your day job. Or maybe you've signed up for a full day of workshops. Whatever the reason, you'll do your best job performing or learning if you are properly prepared for the … Continue reading Fueling Up for Your Dance

Holiday Stress – A Balancing Act for Dancers

You can balance a sword or a tray of burning candles on your head - but can you balance your life for the next few weeks? The holiday season is upon us and that means good times, good ¬†friends and good cheer, right? Yes, but if you're a working dancer, it can be a time … Continue reading Holiday Stress – A Balancing Act for Dancers

Developing a Taste for Belly Dance

It's no surprise to anyone reading this blog that my first love is dancing - but what you may not know is that I am an avid cook too! I love all kinds of ethnic foods and have amassed a cookbook collection that has well over 250 titles. ¬†Years of hanging around Middle Eastern restaurants … Continue reading Developing a Taste for Belly Dance