Teaching Zills in a Multi-Level Belly Dance Class

Multi-level classes have a lot of advantages for students, and present a few challenges for instructors, but personally, I   love teaching  this way!  For the student at any level, it allows them to move forward with new material on the skills they have mastered and take their time to improve those they are still working … Continue reading Teaching Zills in a Multi-Level Belly Dance Class

When Your Wrists Say “No”

A few weeks ago I got an email from a dancer who used to enjoy playing zills but no longer could due to carpal tunnel issues. Following surgery she has limited hand mobility to play finger cymbals. She was looking for ideas on how she might still be able to use her zills in her … Continue reading When Your Wrists Say “No”

Another Zill Playalong!

Let's do another zill playalong. We'll play along with the main melody line from "Lylet Hob". The underlying rhythm is Maqsoum, but by using a "bridge" and a variation at the end of the musical phrase we can make our playing much more musical. Take these concepts - the bridging and phrase-ending variation - and … Continue reading Another Zill Playalong!

Developing a Taste for Belly Dance

It's no surprise to anyone reading this blog that my first love is dancing - but what you may not know is that I am an avid cook too! I love all kinds of ethnic foods and have amassed a cookbook collection that has well over 250 titles.  Years of hanging around Middle Eastern restaurants … Continue reading Developing a Taste for Belly Dance

It’s a Zill Play-Along!

Hey there dancers! I was putting together today's Daily Bellydance Quickie and thought I'd try something new. Here's a  "Zill Play-Along" for you to have fun with during your practice.  You will hear me play a pattern, then repeat after me. There's a metronome going in the background to help you keep a steady pace. … Continue reading It’s a Zill Play-Along!

The Pro-Zill Position

We all have things we struggle to learn as dancers, for many it's zills. They are challenging for sure in that "rub your belly, pat your head" kind of way. So many dancers seem to not play them these days that it just gets easier and easier for new dancers to justify passing them up … Continue reading The Pro-Zill Position